Tagify is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to modify metadata of mp3 files. Tagify is completely a UI based metadata editor, so you can perform all your operations in a single window without navigating through multiple menu options.


Tagify can easily batch edit a collection of files in one go. Through this feature, Tagify can save your valuable time if you have the bunch of songs you need to modify information to. Unlike most metadata editor for Mac/Windows, it uses a spreadsheet like platform so that each and every tag you want to modify by hand are easily editable and visible.

Tagify supports more than 14 tag fields including year, cover art, album, artist, bpm classical music fields (Composer, Remixer, etc.), and so on.

Tagify supports all necessary features like retrieving tag information from filenames, renaming collection of files based on their tags, and removing extra spaces from the tag fields.

Apart from these features, Tagify offers many other useful functions through which you can achieve things like find and replace text inside tag fields, do text case conversions, search any keywords within the tags in one go, add more than 1000 files in one go and perform editing simultaneously etc.

You can get a complimentary 14-days trial for Tagify and if you love what Tagify offers than you can extend to a yearly subscription at a discounted price of just $9.99. If you are looking for competent music tag editing application for your Windows or Mac, Tagify is the best choice.


Batch Tag Editing

Process entire collection of music files in one go! Tagify supports batch editing for when you require to edit hundreds of files at once.

Global Search and Replace

Search and replace text in your selected tag fields. Whenever you want during the process, you can undo the changes.

Remove Extra Spaces

Analyze all selected tag fields and remove every occurrence of leading, trailing and extra spaces from the tags.

Remove Serato Tags

With Tagify you can analyze files for the existence of Serato tags and completely remove all Serato tags at once.

Spreadsheet Like Interface

You can double click on any value and update it including filenames and cover arts too. You can also use shortcuts like ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste the values.


Tagify has an ability to modify output strings. You can easily change capitalization (UPPER CASE, lower case and Title Case) in your selected tags.

Rename files from tags

Tagify offers you to rename music files using information in your selected tags pattern (for example, Artist – Album – Track).

Edit tags using filename

Tagify editor has a functionality to get tag information from the filename using patterns and after validation of patterns, perform the operation.

Advance Editing Features

Tagify offers you to delete single value or multiple rows by pressing Delete button. To duplicate the value, you can hold the cell corner, and just drag it up/down to duplicate the value.

Tagify is available at 50% discount as introductory offer. $9.99 / year Only!

Price will be revised to $19.99 / year after end of offer.

Try Tagify free for 14 days!